FREE Workshop March 15th: The Business of Comedy

It’s our pleasure to present to you our next free workshop: “The Business of Comedy”

Most comics are told “just get funny”, but with the changing climate of comedy, and the numerous opportunities that exist beyond the comedy club scene, understanding the business is paramount to one’s success.   No, you don’t need an MBA, but basic skills like punctuality, promoting your shows on social media, building a fan base, having a brand, showing gratitude, being patient, and even having a car go a long way toward your success.

Speaking will be LBC founder and pro comedian Jeff Lawrence
Guest speaker : Chi Dixon, social media expert

When to audition for clubs or festivals
What bookers and owners expect when you audition
Breaking into the road work to garner longer sets and get paid
Social media promotion: FB and Twitter Hashtags, @’s, cross promotion, and more
Multiple income sources: commercials, writing
Building a fan base through email marketing, social media, and at shows

and much more

light snacks will be provided.


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