Class Offerings

Our Comedy Classes have been featured on the front pages of the Wall St. Journal and the Tampa Bay Times and have been branded “outlandishly cool” by Rachael Ray Magazine.  Stage time at our Open Mics is included in most classes.  Here is a list of classes, just click on the link for more information and to register


All levels. Great for Beginners

Tuesdays 7-10PM beginning Sept. 19th

Tuition: $375


  • Six stand up comedy classes
  • 6 Open mics included (one per week, no cover charge, drink minimum may apply)
  • Professional Showcase in a major comedy club with a free HD video of your performance


  • Develop a five minute set that’s strong from start to finish
  • Joke writing, setup and punch, writing exercises
  • Begin the journey of finding your voice and developing a point of view
  • Performance, mic and stage technique
  • Having fun, even with difficult or cold crowds


A minimum of six months stand up comedy experience or completion of our Six Week Basic Workshop is preferred to register for this class.

Mondays, beginning July 10th, 7-10PM

Instructor: Joe DeVito

Tuition: $325


  • Five Stand Up Comedy Workshops
  • 5 Open Mics (drink minimum may apply)
  •  Professional Showcase in a major comedy club with an HD video of your performance


  • How to hone your material into a five minute TV set
  • Writing discipline
  • Tags, transitions, callbacks
  • Economy of words
  • Not settling for average laughs
  • Turning your premises into memorable jokes with a killer knockout punch!


You must have a minimum of six months stand up comedy experience or completion of our Six Week Basic Workshop to register for this class.

Wednesdays, beginning July 26th, 7-10PM

Instructor: Joe Devito

Tuition: $275


*4 classes limited in class size (approximately 14 students)
*8 Open Mics
*1 Showcase at a major comedy club with a Free HD Video of your set


  • Honing your material into a strong five minute set
  • Writing discipline, tags, transitions, callbacks
  • Economy of words
  • Writing exercises and assignments
  • Developing your voice through a strong point of view


All levels.

Tuesday, August 1st, 7-10PM

Instructor: Kevin Dombrowski

Tuition: $60

Students practice crowd work with a simulated audience and also includes an overview on the business side of hosting, and how to deal with producers, club owners and staff.  This workshop is loads of fun, and a must for comics looking to emcee, or those who just want to work on their crowd work skills.


  • The secrets of hosting and warming up a crowd
  • Dealing with “cold” or difficult crowds and handling hecklers
  • Finding “targets” in the audience for crowd work
  • When to work in material or do crowd work
  • The business side of hosting (city and road)
  • And much more…


All levels.

Instructor: Dave Hanson

Tuition: $275

Join us for this exciting new workshop and try your hand at late night jokes in a simulated writers’ room! We’ll discuss the late night landscape, including writing for a show’s tone or a host’s voice.  We’ll learn about late night packets (materials required to get you hired) and what they must include.

Dave Hanson worked in the writer’s room at Chelsea Lately for 150 episodes as well as contributing to Inside Amy Schumer and as a staff writer on several pilots. Dave is a published writer, actor and comedian living in New York City, and can be seen in the film Trainwreck. 

Dave is also an internationally produced playwright whose published comedy Waiting For Waiting For Godot opened in London at the St. James’ Theatre in 2016. His other published works include The Exit Interview,  Cafe d’Automatique, and Thank You For letting Me Have Sex With You. Other writing credits include, Inside Sports (Versus), Beer :30 (Versus) and Gene Pool (Fox). 

As an actor and comedian, Dave has appeared in Trainwreck (Universal), Crashing (HBO), The Detour (TBS), Inside Amy Schumer (Comedy Central), The Onion News Network (IFC).

Dave is a graduate of UCB and IO West as well as a member of The Collective NY, The Stillwater Writers Group, The Dramatists Guild of America  and is a writer/performer for the New York sketch group The Shorts Show.


  • The structure of late night shows
  • Joke writing for monologue, desk pieces and interviews
  • The unique environment of a late night writer’s room
  • Punching up and Pitching Jokes


Garnering paid work in up comedy is ninety percent business and ten percent funny.  Don’t believe it?  Learning how and when to deal with industry personnel will shape your career.  In this unique class students will learn powerful marketing techniques, how to create an online presence, social networking skills and much more.  Students will also learn the basics of setting up a website, creating a YouTube Channel, posting videos and optimizing traffic.

  • Learn how and when to approach clubs and bookers
  • Do you need a Manager or Agent?
  • Using social media to land gigs and build a fan base
  • Email marketing programs and newsletter
  • The importance of a great tape and posting videos online
  • Using your brand to earn a living in comedy


All levels.

Instructor: Jason Salmon

  • Learn how to be captivating in 30 seconds or less.
  • Understand your type and how to gauge the commercial market BEFORE your audition.
  • How to get seen by people that can actually help your career.
  • Learn to take risks as an actor and writer, so your audition will stand out.
  • Understand commercial copy, and hacks to be prepared to cold read.

Jason Salmon, actor and comedian will lead you through a three weeks covering tools, fundamentals of the commercial audition room and work one-on-one with you to bring your unique comedic voice to various types of commercial copy.

Jason Salmon is a sketch, improv and standup comedian originally from Texas.  He has been featured in commercials for Verizon, Toyota, Budweiser, and Geico.  He was part of ABC’s New Talent Showcase last year and can also be seen in the second season of Orange is the New Black.


Instructor: Vanessa Hollingshead

We are proud to announce our new Women in Comedy Workshop led by veteran stand up comic Vanessa Hollingshead. This workshop will cover topics such as breaking into a male-driven industry, navigating double standards, and how to manage your image for the stage, meetings, and acting opportunities.

  • How to navigate the business side of the industry as a female comic.
  • Learn about the challenges and double standards faced by even the most successful female comics.
  • Learn how to best shape your image as a comic.
  • Comics will work on their material as well.


This is a perfect way for those with busy schedules or who do not reside in the NY area to hone their skills, revamp their writing,  and develop their stand up act with our expert instructors.  Students can submit a video or their set in writing and have it edited, and punched up.  Our staff has appeared on major network television and written for  Comedy Central, VH1, HBO, movies, major newspapers and more.

Rates vary; please contact us for more information.


All levels.


Instructor: Tom Leopold

Tuition: $65

Join us for this exciting workshop and practice your punch-up skills in a simulated writers’ room! We’ll take a past spec script to improve characterization, plot points, structure, and story arc. AND, of course, the jokes! All with the aim of creating a better, more cohesive, funnier script that adheres to the show’s sensibility and format.

Tom Leopold has been a producer, story editor, and writer on a number of top American programs, including Caroline in the City, Cheers, EllenHope & Faith, Seinfeld, and Will & Grace.  He wrote two episodes of Seinfeld (“The Cafe” and “The Suicide“) and he co-wrote the episode “The Cheever Letters“. He wrote two episodes of Cheers (“The Beer Is Always Greener” and “Norm’s Big Audit“).


  • 22-minute sitcom structure
  • How to “punch-up” an already existing script
  • Pitching ideas in the room and riffing off others
  • Writing jokes from character vs. story
  • Writers’ room etiquette and professionalism
  • And much more…

If you have any questions, comments, or feedback, feel free to contact us:
Phone:  212 982 6363
No refunds, exchanges, cancellations, or make ups are permitted.