Comedy School

We are very proud of our comedy school at Laughing Buddha Comedy.   Since our inception in 2009 we are committed to finding you ways to grow as a comic with expert instructors, quality stage time, small classes with a supportive community vibe.  We’ve graced the front pages of the largest newspapers in the world, including the Wall St. Journal and the Tampa Bay Times, and have been branded “outlandishly cool, by Every Day Magazine with Rachael Ray.

It is our belief that stand up comedy can only be learned with real stage time and strongly suggest that comics utilize our Open Mics and Showcases to augment their classes which are included in your tuition. Aspiring comics can choose from our daily Open Mics at numerous venues in Manhattan.  The combination of actual stage time along with the workshops sets us apart.

Our staff is carefully selected and comprised of top notched working professionals including headliners, professional writers, working actors, and more.  We keep our class size small (usually between 8 and 12 students) and give personal attention to every aspiring comic that comes our way.

Our classes include Stand Up Comedy, Storytelling for Comedians, Hosting and Crowd Work, Writing for Late Night TV, Writing for Sitcoms and more.  You can click below to see our list of upcoming classes. We encourage you to experience Laughing Buddha Comedy!