When I began in comedy I remember feeling like this Stand up game was a huge cloud clearing mountain. Clearly, you have to have talent, drive, and a little bit of luck. No class can help you with this, but Jeff Lawrence provided me with the equipment I needed to climb this mountain. Stage time, industry connections, and positive, yet constructive feedback have helped me perform in festivals, open for comedy legends, and even get cast in TV pilots. Thanks Laughing Buddha!

Chris Distefano |  MTV's Guy Code, Comedy Central


When I first attended Laughing Buddha Comedy’s Industry night as a guest, I really didn’t know what to expect. What I found was an absolute gold mine of funny, well trained, emerging comics from NYC’s stand up comedy scene. Over the past few years I have booked countless comics on paid commercials, spots on Comedy Central, Jimmy Kimmel and so much more. The job Jeff Lawrence does on the stage and off cannot be understated. I am always looking for new talent, but I can safely say I now know exactly where to find it.

Sandy Gunar, Manager | Avanti Talent Management


I got involved with Laughing Buddha Comedy and Jeff Lawrence, and began performing in sold out industry showcases at New York Comedy Club. I now get professional spots in numerous NYC clubs and just got accepted into the Boston Comedy Festival! I have a long way to go but I’m on my way thanks to Laughing Buddha Comedy.

Danny Palmer, Working Comic


"The Stand Up Comedy Workshop, Storytelling, and Hosting classes gave me real, useful feedback and information that I put into practice immediately. I've even landed paid hosting work New York City, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania."

Jonathan McBride, Comic


"I took the Six Week Workshop and it was truly an invaluable experience. I performed with Marc Maron and Todd Barry in the class showcase and I was seen by Greg Kelly, co-anchor of Good Day New York, in the LBC show at the Stand and he invited me to perform on the show!"

Jesse Eigner  Comic | Good Day NY


"I began by doing an open mic, then an industry show, then the Six Week Stand Up Workshop. Since then, I've become a regular open mic host, performed and hosted on the weekend Pro Shows, and met with Agents / Bookers at the Stand. I'm still early in my comedy career, but Laughing Buddha has given me numerous opportunities"

Brendan Naranjo, Working Comic


"I signed with Avanti and have appeared in numerous national commercials including Affinity Health Plan, and The NFL. I was even featured in a sketch on the Jimmy Kimmel Show! This was all thanks to the LBC Industry shows." 

Nigel Fullerton | Comedy Central, Jimmy Kimmel


"The six week workshop really helped jump start my comedic journey. Jeff Lawrence really helped edit my material resulting in a crisp, clean feel to my routine. He is a very invested teacher. The special guest instructors  always had insightful notes and were very approachable. Thanks, Laughing Buddha!"

Jeffrey Marx, former Casting Associate: America's Got Talent


"I learned every minute while attending Joe's class. Joe provides a ton of tools to help the creative process, how to structure your jokes, and ways to improve your performance. If you're serious about comedy, and are willing to do the work, Joe's class is the class to take!"

Mike Calcagno, Emerging Comic


"I've had a lot of teachers in my life, and only one or two others have been at a level of teaching craft as Joe, and none as entertaining. I plan to sign up again."

Abraham Norfleet


"I regularly host at Banana's Comedy Club as well as Rockwell's and recently opened for Gilbert Gottfried through Roger Paul Management. I was also a finalist in the Trial by Laughter Comedy festival in Ithaca, NY. All through the Laughing Buddha industry Shows!"

Caitlin Peluffo, Working Comic


"I was booked for roadwork by Roger Paul after they saw me perform at a Laughing Buddha Showcase at the Stand."

Jason Chatfield, Working Comic


"From hosting mics to taking workshops, over the last few years I've been able to get paid work at Catch a Rising Star, paid spots at the Stand, and recently got passed for development at Broadway Comedy Club. All thanks to LBC!"

Patrick Holbert, Working Comic

"I met Sandy Gunar after my set at the LBC Industry show at the Stand, I've been working with Avanti Talent Mgmt. and have been sent out on numerous commercial and TV auditions.  In addition,  Sandy is assisting me with my comedy pilot at a respected theater in NYC.  Thanks Laughing Buddha!

Janelle Draper, Comic


"Taking Writing for Late Night TV with Dave Hanson is one of the best ways to prepare you for a career in late-night tv writing. Not only am I more confident in my joke-writing abilities, but I also prepared a writer's packet that I'm proud to submit to networks."

Alex Portillo, Working Comic


"After taking Writing for Stand Up, I've won comedy competitions, become a regular host, won a residency at a local club, and even got accepted into festivals. Definitely recommend Joe DeVito’s class!."

Hugo Nirio, Comic


"Dave Hanson's class was extremely helpful for me. It simulates a late night writing room and gives practical information for how to assemble a writing packet to submit. I would recommend it to anyone who has an interest in comedy as a career."

Dan Pulzello, Comic

"I had great experiences in Jeff Lawrence's 6 week comedy class as well as the one night hosting class. The class was a lot of fun, and it was awesome to get insight from a working comedian. Plus, I got to do free open mics and see shows, so it was a total immersive comedy experience. 

Richard D., Laughing Buddha Student