“When I first attended Laughing Buddha Comedy’s Industry night as a guest, I really didn’t know what to expect.  What I found was an absolute gold mine of funny, well trained, emerging comics from NYC’s stand up comedy scene.  Over the past few years I have booked countless comics on paid commercials, spots on Comedy Central, Jimmy Kimmel and so much more. The job Jeff Lawrence does on the stage and off cannot be understated.  I am always looking for new talent, but I can safely say I now know exactly where to find it.”

Sandy Gunar-Agent, Avanti Talent Mgmt.


“I recently attended a Laughing Buddha Comedy Industry show and had the pleasure of watching Jeff Lawrence and his fellow comedians. It was a great experience, and an opportunity to meet potential clients. The training the comics receive there really prepares them for work in the professional market.”

Chanel Wong NTA Talent


“When I began in comedy I remember feeling like this Stand up game was a huge cloud clearing mountain. Clearly, you have to have talent, drive, and a little bit of luck. No class can help you with this, but Jeff Lawrence provided me with the equipment I needed to climb this mountain.Stage time, industry connections, and positive, yet constructive feedback, have helped me perform in festivals, open for comedy legends, and even get cast in TV pilots. Thanks Laughing Buddha!”

Chris Distefano


“When I moved to NYC to try my hand at stand up comedy I really had no idea how to break in to clubs and get stage time.  I got involved with Laughing Buddha Comedy and Jeff Lawrence, and began performing in sold out industry showcases at New York Comedy Club. I now get professional spots in numerous NYC clubs and just got accepted into the Boston Comedy Festival!  I have a long way to go but I’m on my way thanks to Laughing Buddha Comedy.”

Danny Palmer


“Stage time. Stage time. Stage time. The mantra of every comedian. Jeff Lawrence and Laughing Buddha Comedy provide comics an opportunity to perform in as supportive an atmosphere as you will find anywhere. All while bringing in working comedians to provide feedback. Repeating for impact: actual working comedians. There is no such thing as a completely smooth start in comedy, but this is the closest you’re going to find.”

Nick Cobb (Comedy Central, Last Comic Standing)


“In order to progress in comedy and get non-bringer spots you have to be seen by the right people at great shows. I’ve done several shows for Laughing Buddha Comedy and after my second audition for club owner Al Martin I was ‘passed’ by him and I’m now getting regular professional spots at Broadway Comedy Club, The World Cafe, as well as the New York Comedy Club.”

Mick Diflo


“Laughing Buddha has been more than a school to me. Its a family and a support system. Its easy to grow and take risks as an artist when you feel like you are in a non judgmental environment. I have since booked countless shows, showcases for colleges, and a TV spot. LBC is the best!”

Nicky Sunshine


“After taking Laughing Buddha’s “Promoting and Marketing Yourself as a Stand Up Comic” workshop, I learned that I didn’t know as much about marketing as I thought. The workshop covered everything: making effective business cards, how to optimize the number of hits on your YouTube videos and effectively utilizing Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites. This is a workshop you can’t miss if you’re serious about your comedy career.”

Mike Motz


“Laughing Buddha Comedy School offers workshops and seminars taught by seasoned industry professionals. They’re not just instructors; they’re working stand-up comics and comedy writers who will encourage you to explore your personal life, the world around you, and your thoughts about both so that you can develop a comic voice and identity that is unique to you.”

Alex Barnett


“The Laughing Buddha instructors helped me look at stand up comedy in a different way. They encouraged me to look deeper into my material and discover why I was saying what I was saying.”

Adam Lucidi


“Working with Jeff Lawrence and Laughing Buddha’s talented coaches, writers, and comics has been fantastic. The classes focus on giving you honest, constructive feedback from professionals who know their funny. The shows are a great mix of headliners and new comics, with industry pros who actually stay after the show and give feedback. I feel quite lucky that I found such a supportive community in the wild world of NYC comedy.”

Cindee Weiss


“It is very difficult to find bringer shows that actually deliver what they promise. Laughing Buddha Comedy Industry Showcases are the exception to the rule. Jeff Lawrence is always able to put me in a great lineup in a packed room, on a prime time weekend date. The show always has a great mix of pro talent and my guests always have a great time and want to come back again. The best part is I always meet the industry rep (typically a booker, agent, or club owner) and get valuable feedback after my set.”

Justin Weinblatt


“After performing in a Laughing Buddha Comedy Industry showcase, I met with Sandy Gunar, an agent from Avanti Talent Management. He immediately added me to his talent roster. Within a few months, I was being sent out on auditions regularly. Within a year, I booked my first commercial! If you’re looking to do an industry show, don’t get sucked into large bringers with little reward. Instead, go with Laughing Buddha Comedy!”

Lou Stone Borenstein


“When I do shows, Jeff Lawrence and Laughing Buddha Comedy are the first names I think of. At their industry showcase I always have a great experience; the crowds are awesome and always supportive. They really care about me as a comic and do a great job of promoting my name in the world of comedy.”

Brendan Sagalow


“After performing in one of Laughing Buddha Comedy’s Industry Showcases I was given the opportunity to meet with Sandy Gunar, an agent with Avanti Talent Management. The feedback I got from Sandy, as well as other industry pros I’ve met by doing these shows, has served me immensely. I’ve now booked three paid commercials in the last year”!

Kevin Williams


“After meeting Jeff Lawrence I signed up for one of Laughing Buddha’s Industry shows. Jeff provided an opportunity for me to meet and speak to both the booker and owner of the club right after my set. Both gave me valuable input on my set and I was “passed” to do a development spot in a pro show where I got paid and didn’t have to bring anyone. If you want to get exposure and move up the stand up ladder do one of Laughing Buddha Comedy’s shows!”

Jim Melis


“Laughing Buddha Comedy gets you in front of decision makers.  LBC put me in front of the bookers for Coastal Entertainment.  I received positive feedback and was subsequently booked for paid MC gigs at Wisecrackers in Scranton, PA, and The Brokerage on Long Island.  Laughing Buddha Comedy is one of the good guys.  Work smart and have fun!”

Troy Alan


“Laughing Buddha Comedy is a class act. I’ve done a few of their industry showcases, and they have delivered exactly what they promised. You will be seen by and meet an actual living, breathing, industry person, which is rare in NYC stand up. All the shows I’ve done ended with me getting positive feedback and booked. You do have to be funny, but if you have the goods, Laughing Buddha can make it happen.”

Pete Kuempel


“I took the marketing and promotion class with Jeff Lawrence and I learned even more than I expected. I left the class with pages of notes that I couldn’t wait to put to work. Jeff creates a very comfortable and fun learning environment which was great for me since I’m a new comic. I’m so glad I took the class and I’ll definitely be back!”

Dale Sampson


“I’ve been doing open mics for several months now, and the Laughing Buddha Mic is by far the best! It’s the only open mic that even comes close to replicating a house show. The crowd is attentive and supportive and Jeff Lawrence is one of the most honest and hard-working guys I’ve met in this insane business. He’s been extremely supportive of me and many others who are just starting out.”

Will Julian


“I have been to many open mics in the city, and I can safely say this is one of the best. At the beginning of each show, the host asks the audience not to text, take notes, or talk on the phone, which means when you are on stage, everybody is listening to you. The mic is as professional as a mic can be!”

Yohei Kawamata


“I recently took the Standup Comedy Workshop and I was able to sharpen my stage and joke writing skills. Performing in the industry showcases has helped me garner some attention, even as a newcomer, and receive valuable feedback. Passion is contagious and the crew at Laughing Buddha Comedy display a passion that is impossible not to catch.”

Chris Higgins


“I was pleasantly surprised how much I got out of the free workshop.  Learning how important it is to open and close strong will change the way I organize my sets. The best part was hearing the personal, yet honest stories of the instructors. It made me realize courage can go a long way. I recommend this workshop to literally anyone.  Keep up the good work!”

Sal DiMattei